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Josh Bauer

Orlando, Florida

Artist, Graphic Designer, and host of the podcast "Back Talk With Bauer".

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Artist, Graphic Designer, and host of the podcast "Back Talk With Bauer".

Josh Bauer, who some may know him as JBauerart, is an Ohio native that enjoys putting his own creative spin on paintings, logos, podcasts, and more. Now based out of Orlando, Florida, Josh has been giving new life to comic book super villains and a hardy homage to the heroes among us. A self-taught artist, Josh uses acrylic paint and canvas to create one of a kind, bold lined, and color saturated pieces of artwork. As of late, Josh has been teaming with a variety of friends and cosplayer to help create his own line of fairy paintings.

Josh is also a graphic designer and has created several logos for a variety of local businesses. He has worked with youtube/video content creators, cosplayers, gamers, and more to create a wide range of designs. From logos to social media images and even intro videos and commercials. Make sure to check out his designs on his website.

Josh is also the host of the podcasts "Back Talk with Bauer" and "Back Talk with Friends". "Back Talk with Bauer" is a weekly podcast where Josh sits down to chat with one of his creatives friends that he has met through his many years of conventions and events. Cosplayers, fellow artists, podcasters, and more sit down with Josh to discuss their creative journeys and more. "Back Talk with Friends" is a once a month show where Josh rounds up three of those creative folks, tosses them all in to one episode at once, and then watches the chaos that in-sues. Make sure to subscribe to "Back Talk with Bauer" on your favorite podcast app including Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, iHeart Radio, and Spotify.